Can you follow what Yogi says? In Yogi, players are challenged to contort their bodies in unusual ways. Fail to follow and you’re out of the game.

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Yogi: Can You Follow What Yogi Says?

Yogi is a game that will have you and your friends twisting and turning (and laughing of course). Players are challenged to contort their bodies in unusual ways — ideally doing better than everyone else in their impersonation of a pretzel!

If a player can not agree with all of them they are out of the game. There are rules for teams and a special take that. Where you choose cards to play on your friends.

Its a great icebreaker for your next party or team building meeting.


Game Genre: Party Games


No. of players: 3 to 10 Players

Suitable for Ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 10 to 20 mins


Game Contents:

54 cards

2 card holder



How to play?:

On a turn, a player reveals the top card from the deck.

If the card is red, the player must place or hold the card somewhere on their body as directed by the card; if the card is green, the card itself can stay on the table, but the player must do whatever is specified on the card, such as keeping one thumb on your chin or having your hands touch.

Keep going, and stay flexible!


Card Sleeves needed for sleeves: Topaz 57.5 x 89mm

No. of Cards sleeves needed: 2 packet of Topaz


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Number of players

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