Managers & Games Masters

Shirleen Lee 

Gentle and patient as most of us would describe, she is undoubtedly someone you can look for if you want to have excellent games recommendations. Passionate in board games, she would be able to teach you a great variety of games! 

Shirleen work as our Assistant Outlet Manager

Charlotte Chia

Passionate, energetic and enthusiastic, Charlotte is the one to look for if you want some great games! Full of cheerfulness and joy, you would never be bored with her around. Be prepared to have a session filled with fun & laughter!

Charlotte work as our Assistant Outlet Manager

Yi Tao

If you ask us who is the games enthusiast among us, Yi Tao would definitely make the list! Having a vast interest in board games, he’s constantly learning new games! Look for him to recommend you some interesting games!

Yi Tao work as our Assistant Outlet Manager

Yi Hui

Rise early to see Yihui’s contagious smile when she works in the morning of the weekends! However, you must be careful not to get infected by her laughter! Friendly & approachable, ask her for some fun games for you to enjoy!

Yi Hui work as our Games Instructor

Min Ji

Min Ji work as our Games Master. He is usually busy at night at the cafe. With his extensive games knowledge, am sure you will never have a chance to let him say he dun know this game to you!!