Games Coordinators

David Toh

Being a patient and gregarious young man, David will definitely draw you in with his charisma! You can be sure to look for him for some delightful games while making you feel at home. Catch him around our cafe on weekends and get ready to put your mind to use!


Justin is always just in time for a good time, with his games knowledge and long legs, he will saunter over and pick out any game perfect for any group. Catch him during his night shifts to see him in action. 青蛙王子


As a reliable member of our Events crew, no crowd is too big for Wasim to handle. 400 pax? No problem! Get ready to be swept away by Wasim's witty and exciting hosting ! He can be sighted at our Flagship Outlet as a friendly games coordinator too!


Ivan is the giant of the MindCafe. Any game on the top shelf that you cannot reach, please do not hesitate to ask him for help. With a dashing smile and his kind demeanor, he will make sure you have a great time!

Bao Yi

Bao Yi, otherwise known as Mega will mega make you BAO ZHAAAA from laughter because of her jokes and humour. A joy to be around and a friendly helping hand.


Solving a murder in Deception? Looking for pesky Saboteurs disrupting your hunt for gold? Worried that Minions of Mordred have infiltrated your Avalon expedition? Ever helpful, Gabriel can help you with that! An avid strategist & schemer, he can teach you how to play, and more importantly - how to win!