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The UNO Remix game invites players to personalize an UNO deck that evolves with every round. Beginning each round, players add special cards or write-on cards, which changes the game going forward. They can personalize cards to specific players (such as “Skip to Jeff” or “Draw 2 Maria”). Some cards add a mark to increase the amount the next player draws, some block penalty cards, and many more! Any group can create a unique deck for themselves! And this edition comes in a sturdy tin to keep the cards together. And, as always, when a player has only one card left, they must yell “UNO!” Colors and decorations may vary.

Game Genre: Card Game

No. of Players: 3-6 players

Suitable for ages 7 and above

Game Duration: 10 mins

Family/Kids Friendly: Yes

Game Contents

112 Cards


1 Sticker Sheet

How to Play

At first glance, the deck looks like the classic UNO game, but look again — the special write-on cards of UNO Remix turn it into a tailor-made deck!

Players use the write-on option to customize the cards and control the game. Penalty cards can get crazy and strategic — “Skip to Jeff,” add an opponent’s name to the Wild Draw 4 card or even block a penalty with a Shield card!

Each round, special or write-on cards get added until the deck is personalized for all the players. Use the personalized deck every time the gang gets back together for another game of cards!


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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 3 cm


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