Three Wise Words


Three Wise Words: A Clue-Stealing Party Game

A super-simple party game where everyone plays in teams of two. Get your teammate to guess the secret word.

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Three Wise Words: 3 Clues, 1 Secret Word


A super-simple party game where everyone plays in teams of two.

Your main mission: get your teammate to guess the secret word that’s nesting in your head.

To help them, you write down three different words as clues.

But watch out!

If the other teams guess any of your Clue Words, they’ll swoop down and steal your points, so don’t make them too obvious.

But don’t make them too obscure either, or your bird-brained partner will never guess the Secret Word.


No. of players: 4+ Players

Suitable for Ages 10 and above

Game Duration: 20 mins


Game Contents:

100 cards (300 secret words)

4 wooden owls

1 board

1 die

1 answer pad


How to Play?:

????????????????????, ????????????????, ????????????????: In this family board game, your teammate must write down three clues for you. Can you guess what their Secret Word might be?

???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????: Everyone else will be trying to second-guess which clues you’ll get given. If they predict correctly, they’ll steal your points – so don’t be too obvious!

???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????: If you’ve got a big crowd for family game night, look no further. The more people playing, the better.

????????’???? ???? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????: Whenever you successfully guess the Secret Word, move your owl piece along the board. First owl to reach the finish line, wins!

???????????????? ???????? ????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????: One of the only family games for kids, adults and owls alike. Best played with 4 or more players, aged 10 and up.


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