The Secret Neighbor Party Game


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In Hello Neighor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game, your creepy neighbor has kidnapped Nicky and locked him in the basement! It’s up to you and your friends to use objects from his house to find the keys you need to unlock the basement door and rescue him. One small problem: some of the kids are actually the neighbor in disguise – and they want to keep Nicky locked in basement forever!

Game Genre: Party Game / Social-Deduction Game

No. of players: 5 to 10 players

Suitable for Age 8 and above

Game Duration: 30 mins

Family/Kids Friendly: Yes

Game Contents:

1 Rule book

1 Quick Start Rule Sheet

3 Plastic Keys

40 Object Cards

10 Role Cards

10 Object Guides

1 Spy Neighbor Code

1 Dized Tutorial Code

How to play?:

1. Play as your favorite kids!

Characters include: Bagger, Brave, Detective, Leader, Scout, Super and Inventor.

2. Will you be the traitor?

Some players are the treacherous Neighbors and one of them is even a Secret Neighbor pretending to be a kid!

3. Trade Objects from the game!

Objects include: Levers, Boxes, Magnets, Flashlights and Trashcans from the video game. Players trade objects with each other in an attempt to gain 3 matching objects to use during the powers phase

4. Replica Keys

Includes 3 plastic replica keys from the video game!

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