The Durian Game

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In The Durian Game, exchange “durians” like never before! Make sure you keep a watchful eye on the Table Card, or else you might be the loser!

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The Durian Game: Act Fast to Become the Durian King!

Widely known as the king of tropical fruits, unique in sight with its thorny husk and unforgettable smell. Its flesh has a creamy taste in the mouth, and is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


Game Genre: Party / Card Games


No. of players: 3 to 10 players

Suitable for Ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 5 to 15 minutes


Family/Kids Friendly: Yes


Game Contents:

90 Durian Trading Cards

10 Durian Table Cards

5 Wild Table Cards

1 Durian Traits Chart

1 Rules Manual


How to play?:

1) Gameplay would be frenzy as you and friends exchanges “durians” like never before!

2) Decide which type of durian you prefer, keep them in your hands, and start trading other durians away.

3) While exchanging, make sure you keep a watchful eye on the Table Card, because in a split second, you might be the loser!

**Note: Table cards will be replaced with durian props that are only available if you are playing it in our café!


Card Sleeves needed for cards: Onyx 63.5x88mm

No, of packets of Card Sleeves needed: 3 packets of Onyx


Watch How to Play Here: How to Play The Durian Game

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