Race to-and-fro in Squadro. Be the first to move four of your five pieces across the board. However, beware of crossings!

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Squadro: Beware of Crossings!

The newest addition to our modern classics of abstract strategy collection!

The goal is simple: move four of your five pieces across the board and then back to the side they started from.

But be careful!

Blocking your opponent risks having your piece sent backwards and can give your opponent a bonus move!


Game Genre: Abstract Strategy


No. of Players: 2 Players

Suitable for Ages 8 and Above

Game Duration: 15 mins


Game Contents:

1 board

10 wooden pieces

1 cloth bag



How to play?:

Each player has five pieces of the same color. They will take turns moving a piece according to its movement value.

The first player to get four of their pieces to the other side of the board and back wins.

You must calculate your moves and anticipate your opponent’s moves if you hope to win.


Watch How to Play by Triple S Games Here:

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