Smart Games IQ XOXO Puzzle Game


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SmartGames brings hugs and kisses to the best-selling IQ series with IQ XOXO.

Players are challenged fill the grid with 10 colorful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence.

Featuring 120 challenges and a compact travel case, IQ XOXO offer endless brain-teasing fun!

Game Genre: Puzzle / Brain Teaser Game

No. of players: 1 player

Suitable for Ages 6 and above

Game Duration: –

Game Components:

1 compact game board with transparent lid

10 colourful puzzle pieces

1 booklet with 120 challenges and solutions

How to Play?:

1) Choose a challenge. Place the puzzle pieces on the board as indicated.

2) Try to fit all the remaining puzzle pieces on the game board. There should always be an O next to an X in horizontal and vertical direction.

3) There is only 1 solution.

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Dimensions 10 × 20 × 3 cm


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