Slida 3D Puzzle


Game Description:

The unique interlocking 3D puzzle ball challenge: hone problem-solving skills and test your brain with this fun puzzle ball Award-winning logic challenge: gold medal winner from the 2017 geneva International exhibition of inventions Hands-on puzzle activity: spin, twirl and twist your body and the ball trying to figure this puzzle out Great mental challenge for all ages: not just for kids, slide is a great mental challenge for all ages Take along for travel fun: small size is ideal to tuck in a bag or take in the car for puzzle fun on the go Slida is the puzzle that challenges everyone: brand new puzzle brings you the latest craze to test your skills, expand your mind and get you thinking outside the box

Game Content:

3D puzzle ball

Suitable for Ages 6 and above

No. of player: 1 Player

Time of play: 20mins

Size of game:
9.5cm x 9cm x 8cm

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