Slapdash Color in Blue

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This is Komarc’s more economical ‘Color’ version of Slapdash Original. Slapdash Color offers a set of 6 bright color boxes with matching rigid stacking templates. Slapdash blocks are made with beautiful Acacia wood or Rubberwood, both native to South Vietnam. Beautiful wood patterns and Quality assured!

Game Genre: Party Game

No. of players: 2 or more

Suitable for ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 15 mins

Family/Kids Friendly: Yes

Game Contents

48 wooden pieces

How to Play

To begin play, turn the box upside down, place the open end against the playing surface and pull off the box. Now, ready to play, the wood is cleanly stacked. Remove one piece of wood at a time, without making the tower collapse. And place each removed piece on top of the tower. When the tower collapses, you lose!!

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 27 cm