Root: The Riverfolk Expansion


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The Riverfolk Expansion adds two new factions, new vagabonds, and exciting new game modes.

Play as the:

Lizard Cult – Attempt to indoctrinate the dispossessed creatures of the woods and spread your creed far and wide.

Riverfolk Company – Capitalize on crisis. Offer services and expand your trade operations to secure your status as a merchant king.

Second Vagabond – Compete with a rival Vagabond to gain fame and fortune while the other factions attempt to secure their rule.


Mechanical Marquise – Wage war against the Mechanical Marquise in competitive or cooperative modes!

Game Genre: Strategy

No. Of Players: 1-6 Players

Suitable for ages 10 and above

Game Duration: 60-90 min

Family/Kids Friendly: Yes

Game Contents:

A New Core Faction: The Riverfolk Company

A New Core Faction: The Lizard Cult

An Extra Vagabond

One Custom Card Holder

Cooperative Scenarios

Rules for Bot Play

Three Additional Vagabond Variants

How To Play?

When you start playing, give the walkthrough sheet to the Marquise player, and ask them to read the text in the Marquise’s box aloud as they’re taking the actions described. When their turn is over, pass the sheet to the Eyrie player, and have them read their actions aloud as well. After everyone has taken their first turn, flip the sheet over and go through the second turn, as before. Throughout this process, encourage everyone to ask questions. You will likely be able to answer questions about shared concepts such as moving and battling with little reference to this guide. If someone asks about their faction, encourage them to look over their faction board—it is designed to answer most of those questions. Don’t be dismayed if play is interrupted to explain the finer points of battling or crafting. For most players, Root is best learned organically. After a few rounds, the game should flow seamlessly.

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