Professor Noggin’s Life In The Ocean


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Part of Professor Noggin’s series of educational games to teach kids about their favorite subjects. The game contains 30 cards, each card has six questions, three easy and three hard. Players roll a special three-numbered die to select questions. The fronts of the cards feature colorful pictures of sea life.

Game Genre: Children / Educational Games

No. of players: 2 Players and Above

Suitable for Ages 7 and above

Game duration: 30 mins

Game Content:

30 Illustrated cards

1 dice


How to play:

1. A player picks up the top card, showing everyone the picture side of the card. He then rolls the dice, and asks the question that corresponds to the card.

2. If the player on the right answers the question correctly, he gets to keep the card. If incorrect, the card is returned to the bottom of the card pile.

3. When all the cards are gone, the player with them most cards wins!

4. Variation: Depending on the varying skills, players can decide to play the different skill levels in the same game!

Kindly refer to the official game rules*

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