Organ Attack!

It’s the family friendly game of organ harvesting!

The object of OrganATTACK is to remove your opponents’ organs before they remove yours. The last person to still have at least one organ is the winner! Use related afflictions to attack your opponents (for example, playing Gallstones on Gallbladder or Thyroiditis on Thyroid). The game requires absolutely no medical knowledge and only takes about one round to learn.


Protect your organs while attacking your friends’ organs using corresponding Affliction cards.

Defend and attack using a variety of strategic-play cards as well as instant-play cards that can be used out of turn.

The last player to have at least one organ left is the winner!






Game Rule (PDF): Organ Attack

Available for play

1 set for play, Yes

Number of players

2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Play duration


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