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In the Monopoly Cash Decoder board game, things aren’t always as they seem. Someone added fake cash and fake Chance cards! Luckily, Mr. Monopoly is giving players his decoder so they can find the fakes and still make a fortune. It’s an exciting game of hidden reveals, and players get to challenge their opponents for using fakes with accusation coins. But use them wisely! You only get a few coins to play. Includes Monopoly tokens that play up the deceptive theme. The player with the most money at the end – real or fake – wins. This family board game is a fun game to play. It’s great choice for game night and as an indoor activity for kids 8 and up. \n\n The Hasbro, Hasbro Gaming, Parker Brothers, and Monopoly mes and logos, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the Mr. Monopoly me and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.

Game Genre: Family/Party Board Game

No. of players: 2-6 players

Suitable for ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 60 mins

Family/Kids Friendly: Yes

Game Contents


plastic decoder

6 pieces

22 tile deed cards

24 chance cards

14 community chest cards

12 cardboard decoder chips

12 hotels

2 dice

money pack

game guide

How to play

The Monopoly Cash Decoder game features classic Monopoly gameplay with a twist! Mr. Monopoly’s decoder helps players find the fakes. When a player pays for something, opponents can use the decoder to see if they used fake cash! It’ll reveal hidden patterns to determine if it’s real. If it’s fake, you get to keep the cash. Instead of having taxes, utilities, or buying railroads, players can hop on a train and quickly go to an unowned property. Spend the cash fast before getting caught with fake

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