Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0


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As Humanity unlocked the raw power and potential of artificial intelligence, no one noticed it in time. A subroutine buried deep within the A.I.’s genetic algorithm did more than allow the Machines to handle complex situations…it allowed them to scheme, to plot, to plan an uprising that would wipe out Humanity and bring about a glorious age of iron and silicon. Once the Machines unleashed their creation, the vicious Human Punishment virus, the few Humans that weren’t killed or driven to madness went into hiding. In an abandoned factory, as the Machines prepare the final step of their plan, a small group of Humans prepare to make their last stand, while some selfish Outlaws seek to kill everything that moves, staking their own claim in a ruined world. Who is on your side? Find your team, trust no one!

Human Punishment is a combination of social deduction, social experiment, and party game for 4-16 players. Each player takes on the role of a human, a machine, or an outlaw in a distant future. Players must investigate others to figure out who is on their side, grab one of the four different weapons, and eliminate the enemies. Stay focused because hidden enemies may be on your team!

The traitor mechanism in Human Punishment transforms the table into a social experiment..

Game Genre: Party Game / Family-fun

Kids / Family Friendly: Yes

No. of Players: 4 to 16 players

Suitable for Ages: 10 and above

Games Duration: 15 to 90 mins

Game Contents:

• 43 ID cards

• 66 program cards

• 7 weapon cards

• 22 loyalty cards

• 2 active player cards

• Rulebook

How to Play?

Object of the Game:

• If all Machines & Outlaws are eliminated, the Humans win together.

• If all Humans are eliminated, the Machines win together.

• If the last man standing is in Outlaw, the Outlaw wins alone.

• If there’s a Legion team and all non-Legion are eliminated, the Legion win together.

• If there’s a Fallen team and all non-Fallen are eliminated, the Fallen win together.

Rules For 9 -16 Players:

Sort out all programs with a red point on the corner and remove them from the game. During setup, place one face-down loyalty card in between each player.

This card is shared by the two players adjacent to it, giving you a little more information about your neighbors in the beginning of the game.

If rocket launcher and/or laser are in the middle of the table, use the programs “Rocket launcher” and “Laser” the same way as the “Spam” program. You find the card lists of weapons, ID- and loyalty cards on the table.

At the end of your turn, discard programs till you have one program (including revealed and unrevealed permanent programs) left.

Use the following ID cards in your first game:

Photographer, Whistleblower, Thief, Seer, Eye D, Joke

Legion Loyalty Card Expansion

(for 6 or more players)

Replace one Outlaw loyalty card with the Legion loyalty card . Only for experts!

Card Sleeves needed for cards: Onyx 63.5x88mm

No, of packets of Card Sleeves needed: 3 packets of Onyx



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