Happie Haai


Watch out, he bites! Can you feel the fish pulling on the line?

Get your fish in quickly, but watch out for the shark that might bite you at any moment!

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The aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible! Have Happie ready in the middle of the table and grab your fishing rod! Then push the muzzle open and down and make sure it clicks into place. Place all the fish in its mouth, make sure they click well. Now it is time to try one by one with your rod to fish away a fish. Roll the die to determine how many fish to take out. Is it only one? Or maybe there are two? But beware, it may just be that Happie notices and shoots up to eat your fishing rod! Whoever collects the most fish before Happie strikes is the winner. This game is full of excitement and is ideal for the youngest. In addition, it trains the precision and dexterity of the children.

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2, 3, 4

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