Guess What I Am

What Am I?
Everyone receives one of 30 mystery character cards with a hole for them to place their face in. The cards show cartoon outlines of animals and community members (a pig, a lobster, an astronaut, a cowboy, etc). Your face replaces theirs, which looks really silly, and everyone can see what you are except you. Each player rolls a die and asks questions about their card to deduce what it depicts. The die tells them whether they can Ask, Guess, Lose a Turn, Reverse Direction, etc. Questions must be Yes or No: for example, “Do I have a lot of fur?” “Do I wear boots?” “Do people drink my milk?” A tally sheet is used to keep track of which characters aren’t on your card, based on the answers given by the other players. The first person to correctly guess what their card depicts is the winner of the round.

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Game Rule (PDF): Guess What I Am

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1 set for play, Yes

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2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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