Go Fish Board Game

As suggested by the name, Go Fish the Board Games uses the basic mechanics of the card game Go Fish. Players each select a color and the goal is to collect all three of the fish matching that color.

At the start of the game, all the fish tokens are placed face down in the middle of the board. Each player picks one fish token to begin then, in order, players spin and spinner. If the spin results in a “Go Fish,” the player selects a fish token from the middle of the board. If a number is spun, the player moves on the board and takes the action on the space. There three actions: “Go Fish” where a player selects a piece from the middle, “Shark!” where a player must put a fish back in the middle, and “Ask!” where a player can ask another player for a fish. If a player is asked for a fish and doesn’t have it, he tells the other player to go fish.

The game ends immediately after one player collects all three fish of his color.

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Game Rule (PDF): Go Fish

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1 set for play, Yes

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2, 3, 4

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