Bucket King 3D


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Bucket King 3D is a reprint of Stefan Dorra’s game called The Bucket King, bringing this kooky dexterity, card game back into print with 3D buckets.

If you have ever played the Pick-an-Animal games (Pick-a-Dog & Pick-a-Pig) with the pig, dog and polar bear, you will already know how naughty these creatures are. And now, in the mood for more mischief, they have sneaked into the zoo and dared the Lion and Fox to knock over the bucket pyramids neatly arranged by the zookeeper!

Card game with unusual scoring. Players play sets of animal cards trying to knock over each other’s pyramids of buckets. Cards in hand can be used to attack and defend their colour buckets, taking out lower buckets causes cascades.

In Bucket King 3D, players have to protect their own bucket pyramid from being knocked over by the animals. The player with the most remaining buckets wins the game.


Game Genre: Dexterity Card Game


No. of players: 2 to 6 players

Suitable for Ages: 8 and above

Game Duration: 20 mins


Family/Kids Friendly: Yes


Game Components:

60 Plastic Buckets (5 colours x 12 buckets)

8- cards (5 colours x 16 cards: values 1-8, 2 each)


How to play?:

In the game everyone has a pyramid of buckets in front of them, and on the start player’s turn they will play out cards from their hand. Then each player will have to do one of two things, either play cards to exceed the previous total in the same suit, or lose a bucket. Play will continue around, often with you playing out more cards than you draw back up, and losing buckets when you don’t have the right cards. The game will end once someone is eliminated, and the person with the most buckets left is the winner.

Card Sleeves needed for cards: Sapphire 59x 92mm

No. of Cards sleeves needed: 2 packet of Sapphire


Game Rule(PDF): Bucket King 3D

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