Bang! The Duel: Renegades


Game Description:
BANG! The Duel – Renegades allows players to play BANG! The Duel in four new exciting ways: three with two players (two “The Third Group” modes and one “Reinforcements” mode) and one with three players (“Mexican Standout”).
This expansion includes a deck of green-bordered cards called “Resources”, which are a special type of equipment. Just like any other equipment cards, players must put these cards into play on their rearguard character or their opponent’s active character, but unlike blue-bordered equipment, resources may be used only starting with the next turn, not in the same turn during which they were put into play.

Please note that this is an expansion and requires the base set.

Game Content:
40 playing cards, 12 characters, 10 bullet tokens, 1 Active Character token and rulebook

Suitable for Ages 8 and above
No. of player: 2-3 Player
Time of play: 30 mins

Size of game:
14cm x 19cm x 3.5cm

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Game Rules (PDF): Bang! The Duel: Renegades


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Number of players

2, 3

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