7 Wonders: Architects


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There’s only one thought in your head: build a wonder so amazing that it will leave a trace, as well as yours, in History. Your posterity is now in play! 7 Wonders Architects is a new standalone game in the world of 7 Wonders. It has been designed to offer a more fluid and immersive gaming experience as possible. From the universe of the most awarded board game, 7 Wonders Architects gives you an immediate board game experience with simple choices to take at your turn. Innovative content which has been designed with this in mind and should attract a wide audience: Wonders in “puzzleInches form that get to evolve as their construction progresses 8 organizer trays for a very quick setup 7 card shoes for more comfort and increased speed of play Short rules with an original ergonomics, and which are very simple to understand. From 2 to 7 players, with around 25 min of duration depending of the number players, 7 Wonders Architect is a board game for friends and family that can be played from 10 years old.

Game Genre: Strategy

No. of players: 2-7 players

Suitable for ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 25 min

Game Contents

235 Cards

7 Wonders

7 Card Holders

8 Component trays

50 tokens

1 rulebook

How to Play

In 7 Wonders: Architects, 2-7 players race to become a leader of the ancient world by completing an architectural wonder that will last through the ages.

Players receive an unconstructed wonder at the beginning of the game and must collect resources to build their society, develop military might to navigate conflicts, oversee resource management, research science improvements, and collect civil victory points as they race to leave their mark on world history.



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