The Message

Chinese-themed card game created by Qian Qi Animation.

The card game uses the theme of the Chinese Movie The Message.

3 Kinds of Cards
Identity: x9
Characters: x18
Function: x81

Its rules are similar to Shadow Hunter combined with Coach Ride To Devil’s Castle.

Initially, each player randomly select one of the three identities – Underground, Army, Passby. In addition, each player has one character out of 18 difference one to get difference special character ability.

All function cards divided into three information – Red, Blue or Black (false information). Besides, all function cards can be used for its special function.

During each round, each player draws two function cards. Then, the player transmit one of his function cards to other player as an information. Others player try to collect his requested information while avoid any False information (black). Apart from acting as an information card, function cards can be used for their special function to interrupt information, burnt away false information etc. Any player has received three black information will be dead.

Underground will wins if he collects three Red information cards while Army wins if he collects three Blue information. Passby needs to achieve their special mission based on his characters in order to win.



Game Rule (PDF): The Message

Available for play

2 sets for play, Yes

Number of players

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Play duration


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