Speedy Pickers


Welcome to the life of a picker: Enter dusty places, look for hidden items and lost treasures. In Speedy Pickers, you have to search warehouses and find the most lucrative items before the other pickers get a chance to.

Watch out though, because other pickers might try to turn off the lights or turn things upside down to get to the items they need first! Just remember, find the right items, sell them to the right collectors, and win big!’ Speedy Pickers is the boardgame iteration of the hidden object type of electronic games, where one tries to find particular items in extremely busy static screens littered with stuff. A game lasts for five rounds. Each player will peruse a different board in each. Each board has 160 items, always in different form. As an example, an airplane might be a real airplane in one, a drawing of an airplane in another, a toy airplane in a third etc. At the end of the game the winner is the player with the highest profit, as calculated through the value Deal Cards and the bonuses of the Auction Houses.

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