Socken Zocken


Game Description:

As soon as a player has collected five pairs of socks he has to grab the sock monster. The player who grabs the sock monster receives a clothes-peg. The first player that has obtained 3 clothes-pegs is the winner.

Game Content:

4 colored laundry baskets, 4 sock sets (5 socks each with the same hole), 1 clothespin, 1 set of instructions.

Suitable for Ages 4 and above

No. of player: 2-6 Players

Time of play: 20mins

Size of game: 22cm x 22cm x 5cm

Weight of game: 0.68kg

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Short game rules:

• Sort the socks according to their cut-outs. One set of socks per player.
• Spread out 4 laundry baskets in the room. Place the closed packaging with the sock monster pictured on it on the floor in the center of the room.
• Take your own set of socks in your hand and after the start command “Lucky Sock Dip” run quickly to any laundry basket.
• When you get to the laundry basket, look inside. The color of the sock in the laundry basket shows which laundry basket you need to run to next. Quickly place any sock of your set in the laundry basket and start running. While doing so, follow the sock rules (lucky sock, dirty sock, sock bottleneck).
• The player who places their last sock in a laundry basket and is the first to put their hand on the sock monster on the packaging wins.


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Colour of sticker


Number of players

2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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