One Night Ultimate Vampire


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No moderator, no elimination, no werewolves.

In One Night Ultimate Vampire, the sun has just set, and vampires have descended on your sleepy little town, slowly turning the villagers into even more vampires. Fortunately, the village has several residents with special powers, with most willing to help eliminate this fanged menace!

One Night Ultimate Vampire is a fast game for 3-10 players in which everyone gets a role: The nefarious Vampire, the well-meaning Cupid, the sneaky Assassin, or others, each with a special ability. In the course of a single evening, your village will decide who among them is a vampire…because all it takes is finding one vampire to win!

No. of players: 3 to 10 players

Suitable for age 8 years and above

Game Duration: 10 mins

Game Genre: Role-playing / Strategy

Game Contents:

14 unique roles

15 role tokens

29 marks

2 marks boards

4 voting tokens

Getting Started guide


How to play:

1. In Vampire, several roles take their action before the “regular” one night roles that take their action at night,

2. Dusk is when the copycat, vampires, diseased, cupid, instigator, priest, assassin, and apprentice assassin all wake up and perform their actions.

3. At the end of Dusk, before night begins, all players open their eyes and view their marks. They then close their eyes and all roles with night actions are called in order.

Kindly refer to the official game rules*


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