A Queen game by Harald Lieske. Explore the labyrinth in search of gold.

Players move around a room with sliding floor tiles, trying to collect 3 treasures at the center first. The board has a pattern of triangles, some are solid floor, the rest is empty space across which you cannot walk. Players start by laying floor tiles on the board. These tiles are rhomboid (diamond-shaped) and have snakes and walls to make things tricky.

On your turn, you may spend 3 action points sliding tiles, rotating tiles, walking over snakes, or teleporting, all in an attempt to reach the treasures at the center. Each player also has a blocking marker they can place at turn end which prevents movement. First player to pick their three treasures up and get back to the doors wins.

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Game Rule (PDF): Inka


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1 set for play, Yes

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2, 3, 4

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